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The frontline team

Event artists

EvenemenCiel is a team of professional, talented and multidisciplinary artists. We bring together resources whose expertise meets the specific needs of each client. The front-line team imagines, manages and brings together to ensure the success of each work.

Human connection is essential. Social interactions have a direct impact on our well-being. I have a great passion for meaningful encounters, those that allow us to grow and help others to grow.

Events play a crucial role in the transformation of social exchanges. Whether conferences, galas, private celebrations or product launches, every event is an opportunity to bring people together around common interests and create shared memories. These shared experiences are essential for strengthening bonds and building lasting relationships.

We are dedicated to creating authentic events, a passion that has driven me for almost 20 years. Collaboration is essential to cultivating a better world. The development of human relationships has always been at the heart of my commitment to my team, our partners and our customers.

Our team of artists is at the heart of our success. I am proud of the talents and positive energy that each member brings to our company. Our clients often emphasize the enthusiasm and creativity with which we approach each project. We believe that every detail has the potential to create an unforgettable experience.

We are ready to share with you this passion for lasting emotional connections and memorable human experiences.

With gratitude,

Connecting people: our passion and our art

Sergina Guery

Founding President


Sergina Guéry

President and artistic director

Alain Paquin

Strategic and creative expert

Lyane Bourassa

Production Director

Sarah Berny

Project manager

Fiona Razakandisa

Project manager

Chantal Rivera

Project manager

Jasmine Proulx

Project manager

Nicholas Scott

Advisor, event production

Kelly-Anne Monette

Advisor, communications and events

Geneviève Brière

Graphic designer

Marie-Hélène Lebel

Administrative Assistant

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