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Cécile Arnold

Agile Tour Montreal

Your collaboration was greatly appreciated. You were able to put us at ease and allowed us to enjoy the event. I found your listening skills excellent, I liked your energy, your positivity in the face of different problems and especially the fact that you were always in solution mode. More than a supplier, you have been a partner.

Ruth Vachon

President, Quebec Business Women's Network

I really want to take the time to recognize your exceptional work. The fluidity throughout the pre-event organization, your promptness in meeting our expectations, the professionalism you demonstrated from start to finish, the quality of the atmosphere, the choice of your subcontractors , the layout of the room, the attitude of all the members of your team, all this gave the result we experienced, a resounding success. Thank you for making the RFAQ shine!

Bertrand Guignat


Thank you very much for the great professionalism, attention to detail and impeccable quality of service that the entire EvenemenCiel team and its partners have demonstrated. Great successes that would not have been possible without your efforts. You can't imagine how good it is to be able to count on you!

Iris Roland

Quebec Digital & Quantum Innovation Platform

We would like to warmly thank EvenemenCiel with whom we worked for several months to achieve the launch of IBM Quantum System One. Thank you for their valuable support, their positive energy, their good humor and their incredible professionalism throughout the preparation. It was with great pleasure that we worked with their exceptional team, which was essential to the success of this major event.

Caroline Codsi

Founding President

Female Governance

Thank you very much to Sergina and the entire EvenemenCiel team for an extraordinary work, surpassing themselves year after year to allow us to offer ever more elegant, original and inspiring galas! Soon a decade of collaboration marked by great complicity and a shared passion for excellence. Together, we continue to create memorable events that captivate and inspire. I raise my virtual glass to many more years of success and creativity!

Andrée Lemay

General Director, PMI-Montreal

I believe it is important to point out to what extent the entire PMI-Montreal team has benefited from the efforts and talent of the precious members of the EvenemenCiel Agency who have carried out a colossal amount of work. What satisfaction, after so much hard work, to see that we created from scratch, all together, an event which was a success across the board and which was praised by all.

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Sergina Guéry

Founding President



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