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The changing Human Factor in the AI era

Updated: Jul 5

As president of EvenemenCiel, I have had the opportunity to see how social exchanges evolve over time, and I am delighted to share my thoughts and observations on these transformations and their impact on the human factor.

In recent years, we have witnessed a radical transformation of social exchanges. Teleworking, technological advances, social media and globalization have changed the way we interact with each other. These changes have brought many benefits, but they have also posed new challenges for maintaining authentic and meaningful human connections.

Digitalization has made communications faster and more accessible. We can now hold virtual meetings with colleagues across the world, share precious moments with friends and family via social media platforms, and stay connected 24/7. However, this digital omnipresence can sometimes lead to superficial interactions and a feeling of isolation.

Despite the undeniable advantages of digital technologies, nothing can replace face-to-face meetings. Face-to-face exchanges allow you to create deeper connections and fully understand each other's emotions and intentions. At EvenemenCiel, we pride ourselves on organizing events that foster these authentic human connections, creating environments where interactions can flourish.

Events play a crucial role in the transformation of social exchanges. Whether conferences, galas, private celebrations or product launches, every event is an opportunity to bring people together around common interests and create shared memories. These shared experiences are essential for strengthening bonds and building lasting relationships.

The pandemic has indeed reduced workers' social connectivity: 60% report worsening social relations, 48% indicate increased time spent alone, and 56% mention a decreased sense of control. Mental health measures have also worsened, with 56% reporting increased anxiety, 45% increased loneliness, and 35% increased depression. - Source

Social interactions have a direct impact on our well-being!

I repeat... Social interactions have a direct impact on our well-being!

Meaningful interactions can improve our mental health, strengthen our sense of belonging, and help us develop a more positive outlook on life. We firmly believe that every interaction counts and that every event is a chance to contribute positively to the well-being of participants.

Looking to the future, it’s clear that social interactions will continue to evolve. Technological innovation will continue to reshape the way we communicate, but the essence of human interactions will remain the same. We will need to find a balance between the digital world and in-person meetings to maintain authentic and meaningful human connections.

The transformation of social exchanges is a complex phenomenon which has a profound impact on the human factor. At EvenemenCiel, we are committed to creating events that honor and strengthen these essential human connections. We believe that, despite the challenges, it is possible to navigate this new landscape while preserving the authenticity and depth of our relationships.

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